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Due to a series of mishaps, Puff ends up lost overseas, and Suga Mamma is a wreck because of it.

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Guest Star: Kel Mitchell as Carlos.

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List of The Proud Family episodes

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Williams as Debra 25 " Poetic Justice " November 8, Penny teaches Dijonay how to spit poetry, who does poorly at first, but does phenomenal on stage, leaving a jealous Penny in her wake.

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Penny hooks up with the Gross Sisters to do a school expose on bullies so she can get a spot on the school newspaper staff.

Description: When Wizard Kelly launched a spelling bee competition, Oscar forces Penny to train and makes her enter the competition, so that he can re-live his glory days all over again, but the son of a contestant who lost to Oscar in a spelling bee that happened years ago makes other ways to win.


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