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If the Mangle was, however, a male animatronic, it makes more sense as to why they would have become 'mangled'.

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And for my proof that they are in fact red I gathered the hexadecimal colour codes for as many cannon images of mangle as i could find; B3B , 8C , , ff0d0b , 8e , cd2a27 , fd , af , , f0b , 5b , and 5a

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Why I believe Funtime Foxy and Mangle are male

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This is more just speculation, but in the case of Funtime Foxy, a little theory I created was that, if William made baby for his daughter, who's to say he didn't create all the Funtime animatronics in order to fulfil her childhood fantasies?

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Description: This is certainly one of the largest factors people use when insisting that the foxes are female.


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